All our Bikram yoga teachers have undergone an intensive 9-week training program with Bikram Choudhury. Our teachers are there for you. Their knowledge, experience and passion will guide you, inspire you and challenge you. Bikram Yoga Launceston hosts local teachers as well as National and International teachers.


Jacki Walker, Studio director - Teacher training, San Diego 2010

It was 2003 when I discovered Bikram Yoga. I was living in Dubai and a studio opened close to where I worked. Bored with my regular exercise routine, I knew it was time to make some changes in my life and I was up for a challenge.

I was blown away in my first class. It was such an awakening, like nothing I had ever experienced before. I remember thinking, “This is the hardest class I’ve ever done, surely if I just keep turning up it would be impossible for me not to make a change!” So I gave it a red hot go, three times a week for the next six months and beyond. It became the only exercise I consistently applied myself to.

I initially approached the yoga from an exercise perspective. The physical changes came fast; I lost weight, had more energy and endurance for working long hours and my back pain and sciatica disappeared.

A nice surprise was the mental changes happening. I felt a shift in the way I reacted to daily challenges. At the time, I didn't understand what a positive impact it was having on my nervous system, all I knew was that I was less stressed, mentally clearer, happier and really excited about life.

Yoga woke me up on a conscious level. I had greater awareness of everything around me and it gave me balance while living in a city of overstimulation and extremes. I worked in the glamorous industry of Arabic weddings and events, but the lifestyle had started to lose its shine. I never dreamed that I would become a yoga teacher but, with time, my passion for the yoga grew and it organically became my purpose.

The experience of teacher training in San Diego in 2010 introduced me to an inner strength I hadn't known before and I was drawn to sharing this life-changing yoga with my family and friends back in Launceston. So, after 10 years in Dubai, I moved back to my hometown to build a Bikram Yoga community.

The studio, established in 2013, would still be just a dream without the support of amazing Bikram Yoga teachers, both local and from around the world, and especially the wonderful Launceston community which has embraced us and this life-changing yoga.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart x


Ingrid Reynolds - Teacher training, Los Angeles 2006

My first Bikram class was in Melbourne 2006. It was so challenging I debated ever returning, however something happened afterwards and I felt amazing. Later that year I flew to LA to do teacher training. Since then I have had some incredible opportunities to teach at studios from San Francisco to Manila, Bali, London, Berlin, Zurich, Copenhagen, Sweden, Melbourne, Byron-Bay, Sydney and now in my hometown, Launceston.

It humbles me each day to share in the student’s physical, mental, emotional and spiritual transformations. I have been described by my students as a passionate and creative teacher with a keen eye for movement. I continue to gain so much from my own practice and the art of teaching. I travel regularly to undertake further trainings and workshops in Innate Transformation, Reiki Tummo, Bodyweather, Kundalini Yoga and Tantra teachings to deepen my teaching. I have a degree in Creative Arts and my community work engages my yoga and vice versa. My classes are fun and encouraging emphasising style and flow, breath, stillness and presence.



Lynda Roberts -  Teacher Training, India 2015

Before becoming a Bikram Yoga Teacher I spent 6 years in the Navy, Radio Operator then needed a career changeand became a Medical Receptionist. After having 2 children then I became a cleaner for exibly of choosing my own hours. My rst Bikram Yoga experience was at Launceston Bikram Yoga. I remember distinctly walking in and being greeted by Jacki Walker the Studio Owner and I saw the shine in her eyes and the peace she transmitted, I thought that’s what I want...peace of mind. Upon entering the hot room I couldn’t imagine how anyone could nd this peaceful or even tolerable. I was quite certain I was not coming back after my 10 day intro ran out. On my 4th class I had a shift in my mind and body, I stopped ghting the heat and the sweat, I could listen to the words and more importantly Istarted to breathe through the postures.
At the time I was going through yet another hard time in my life. I was struggling through alcohol addiction and trying to remain sober. I have struggled with many addictions in my life including a 15 year battle with Bulimia and selfharming.
As I practiced more and more I realised that the one thing that could keep my mind still and quiet was when I practiced Bikram, just me and my breath, moving with words -at last I found a sense of peace. I soon became aware that I needed some big changes to improve the deeply embedded self loathing I had. I signed up for a goal workshop by another yoga teacher - Kristina Glitters. My goal intention was to learn how to eat better and overcome my Bulimia. In the workshop Kristina said to me Lynda have you ever thought of becoming a Yoga teacher? What?? No way! How could anyone think I could be that shining yogi? Jacki looked at me and said Lynda you would be such a wonderful teacher...I remember thinking they believe in me.... the seed was planted, here I am after 3 years of practicing, I am now teaching. Dreams do come true...I had never felt proud of myself in my life, becoming a Yoga Teacher and doingsomething completely from my heart is the most incredible gift possible.
I feel honoured to be part of such a beautifulteam/studio. It will always be a beautiful, humble reminder what a gift it is to encourage and believe in someone.