My Bikram Journey started a year ago after many nights of googling yoga and its ability to heal anxiety whilst continually telling people, ‘I need to start doing yoga’. I had so many questions, so many fears…. How hot is hot? How can yoga actually be ‘healing?’ Can it heal me?

Wow, what a beautiful space - such a warm and supportive welcome with so many smiles. First class. It was tough, of course, but I went back, again and again. Months passed and I was beginning to wonder, “Is yoga starting to change my life”?  My body started craving cleaner food, and sleep became easier. I began practicing meditation and was beginning to be less anxious, more mindful and aware of my thoughts and emotions whilst smiling much more often. The hard work in class was making hard days at work easier. My back pain was becoming less painful, my hips were opening up and I became much more interested in spiritual healing. I have met and continue to meet incredibly beautiful, inspiring and supportive fellow yogis and teachers who are so willing to share love and their own stories of growth. I keep telling everyone about this "Bikram yoga" I’ve been practicing and what it is doing for me physically and mentally. It’s been a year since my first class and feel like my journey has just begun. I'm a Bikram believer, 100 %. It’s the best thing I’ve ever done for myself, I can’t imagine life without it this healing, life changing yoga  

- Brian White

99 days into the year and I have just completed my 42nd session for 2016, 90 minutes per session, uncomfortable heat and stretching poses that you think are going to kill you (first impressions) !!!!!!
"I can't wait for more, it has changed my life"
General health, flexibility and pain management have improved beyond my expectations. In September 2015' I was icing my knee (five operations) twice per day and living in pain - now I feel like I could run a marathon, I have lost 7kgs and the belt is narrowed by 2 notches... Not only can I touch my toes in a sit up, I go beyond and can almost reach my heels. The best venue and great people (Jacki and Tina). Cant get enough of the facility and look forward to many more sessions in the near future.
If you are considering Bikram Yoga - "don't judge it by your first session, measure the immense improvement in all aspects of your life after the first month" !!!!

- Trevor Donaldson

After struggling for 18 months with a chronic illness, Bikram Yoga has been a miracle for me. I have been able to stop all my medication, have lost weight and I feel fantastic! Jacki and Tina are so welcoming and encouraging. This yoga practice is by far the best thing I have ever done for myself  

-  Natalie Scott

7 weeks and 22 yoga classes later, I can't speak highly enough of Bikram Yoga and the community here at BY Launceston. Jackie, Tina and Gilly (a visiting teacher) - you have been so instrumental to me returning time and time again! 2 years ago, I went through a major fail in my health and was diagnosed with the beginning stages of Emphysema and Type 2 Diabetes. My health got increasingly worse over the following 2 years, and an emigration from South Africa to Australia didn't help the stress levels. Eventually my body reached a stage where I had to used my asthma pump just to get out of bed in the morning and my snoring at night reached EPIC proportions!!! I knew I HAD to do something! I saw the Bikram Yoga Launceston advert on Facebook and I signed up for the unlimited yoga for 30 days package before my brain could register what my hands were doing. I felt quite apprehensive coming into the studio for my first lesson, but the warm and friendly welcome I received as I walked through the doors helped calm my nerves somewhat. Jackie - the teacher for my 9.30 class- showed me where to go and ensured I had a mat, a towel and water to drink. Armed with my newly acquired yoga paraphenalia I headed to the yoga room........ Its hot!!! Don't let anybody fool you - 40 degrees celcius with a certain level of humidity is no joke for the average human being, let alone one with stubborn lungs!! But I can honestly say that I felt like a million dollars when I walked out the door - I know I didn't look like a million dollars, but hey, I had just survived 90 minutes of Bikram Yoga!!! Yay me!!! Was it easy? No, it wasn't, I think I just stood and breathed for most of my first class. Is it any easier 7 weeks later? The answer is still no, BUT, thats because I have found new boundaries to grow into. I can do all the poses now, both sets of them, including the 'sit ups' inbetween the poses and no, my forehead can't touch the floor yet, but I can do what is best for me at the time. I can breathe through my nose for a full 90 minutes, as is required in Bikram Yoga. The list of what I can do goes on and on and grows with every class. I love the person I have become as a result of being part of the Bikram Yoga Launceston community and I look forward to every future class. Bring it on! Namaste and thank you BYL community.

Leigh-ann Cowie

Am absolutely loving my new journey with Bikram yoga. The instructors are amazing. The encouragement from staff and other members is something I never experienced in a gym. Within a week I'm feeling amazing and am excited what is yet to come. Have already noticed my flexibility and energy increase and a 1.5kg weight loss is an added bonus. While I struggled in the first lesson with the whole experience listening to staff and other members to return as soon as possible saw me back the following day and this is when I fell for Bikram yoga. I'm so pleased my friend introduced it to me! 

- Jane Gibbons

I wanted to share how AMAZING the venue and the teaching is here at your facility. I travel for work and try to incorporate some yoga practise whenever I can squeeze it in, and wherever I find a venue. Bikram Yoga Launceston has to be, hands-down, one of my favourites to have visited and I'm so happy to have found it! My only complaint is that I didn't have the time to make it to another class!  

- Jenny McLean

Great studio in a fantastic building. Jackie is really welcoming and the hot room is just perfect. Definitely worth a visit!  

- Matthew Absalom

I can believe how much I love this class and especially the feeling afterwards. I can't wait to get back to my next class.. I'd go everyday if I could.

- Mel Fletcher

Absolutely fantastic! Great studio and Jacki & Tina are so supportive and welcoming. Bikram Yoga has solved a neck & knee injury I have been suffering from for years. I wish I had started earlier.  

- Esta Charles-Botterill

What an incredible experience! I absolutely loved the class and I'll be coming back again, I feel amazing! Thank you Jackie.  

- Kristy Skinn

What a beautiful venue, such lovely people. I'm so glad I chose to go on this personal journey, I feel so supported-blessed.  

- Kas Saunders

Amazing staff and facility. It makes YOGA possible for everyone. Give it a GO you won't regret it.  

- Adam Pratley

Very caring and lovely staff.. fantastic facility... with guaranteed results physically and mentally first time.  

- Esther Ciezki