New Students

Come prepared

Arrive hydrated, with an empty stomach, this is the most comfortable and beneficial way to practice. Wear clothes you can move in, a light breathable fabric is best for Bikram Yoga. Bring an extra layer for Yin yoga.

Aim to be here 15 minutes before class. This is ideal and gives you time to register, turn off your phone, set up your mat & relax. Online registration is also available below.

Bring a yoga mat and bottle of water. You will need a large towel to cover your mat for Bikram Yoga and a separate towel if you wish to shower after class.

Inform your teacher of existing injuries or health problems.

Children between 6-12 are can practice the last 45 min of a Bikram Yoga Class, parents must attend the class and have has practiced once beforehand. There is an area where children can sit for the first 45 min outside the room within the teachers view.
Teenagers 13+ are able to attend a full Bikram, Yin or Vinyasa yoga class, with parent/guardian having signed their waiver.

During class

Pace yourself, just do the best you can without straining or holding your breath. Take a break whenever you need to. Practice without expectation or judgement. You don’t have to ‘win’ yoga. It’s just a super effective, daily health maintenance system.

After class

When practicing in a hot room you may need to take electrolytes to replace the calcium, magnesium, potassium and sodium the body loses through sweat.

If you experience soreness, take your second class within 24 hours and you will bypass much of that soreness. Create consistency, we recommend practicing 3 or more times a week in the beginning, so you can see what the yoga can really do for you.

Bikram yoga for injuries

The Bikram method was created for people with chronic pain and ailments. The regular class provides an effective healing practice. Attempting each posture gently, without straining, will provide maximum healing benefits. Postures may need modifying completely or performed with the use of a chair, in these cases we offer a complimentary 30 minute consultation. Please email to book a consultation.

Bring an open mind, enjoy the journey & expect a change...