New Students

Come prepared

Arrive hydrated, with an empty stomach, this is the most comfortable and beneficial way to practice. Aim to arrive a minimum of 15 minutes before class, this is ideal and gives you time to register, turn off your phone, set up your mat and relax. Online registration is available below.

What to bring

Bikram Yoga - Wear leggings or shorts and a light breathable fabric is most comfortable. Bring a yoga mat, bottle of water and a large towel to cover your mat. Bring a second towel if you wish to shower after class. 

Yin Yoga - Wear comfy clothes you can move in. Bring a small towel to lay over the bolster, we provide everything else mats, bolsters, blocks and straps. Bring your own mat if you prefer.

Bikram/Yin back to back - Bring a change of clothes, there is time for a quick shower in-between classes.

Vinyasa - See Bikram yoga, however you won't need a towel to cover you mat. We provide blocks and straps.

* Mat and towel hire is available at the studio for a small fee.

Inform your teacher of existing injuries or health problems.

During class
Pace yourself, just do the best you can without straining or holding your breath. Practice without expectation or judgement, sit down, take a break whenever you need to. You don’t have to ‘win’ yoga, it’s just a daily health maintenance system, there's no one to compete with but yourself.

After class
When practicing in a hot room you may need to take electrolytes to replace the calcium, magnesium, potassium and sodium the body loses through sweat. You can take electrolytes before class as well, find what suits you best.
If you experience soreness, take your second class within 24 hours and you will bypass much of that soreness. Create consistency, we recommend practicing 3 or more times a week in the beginning, so you can see what the yoga has to offer you.

Bikram yoga for injuries
The Bikram method was created for people with chronic pain and ailments. The regular class is specifically designed to provide an effective healing practice for rehabilitation. When practicing yoga while nursing an injury, we recommend coming more often but doing less, providing circulation the body requires for healing through gentle stretching without strain. Our teachers are trained to keep you safe, postures are modified within the regular class eg. sitting on a chair or using extra padding for your mat. For specific concerns or question please email us at 


For ages 6-12 we recommend they practice the second half a Bikram class with their parent/guardian. There is an area where children can sit outside the yoga room.
Teenagers 13+ can attend all classes with a signed waiver from their parent/guardian.

Bring an open mind, enjoy the journey & expect a change...