Pregnancy Yoga


This is a gentle and therapeutic posture sequence designed by Rajashree Choudhury from the original 26 Hatha yoga asana's in the Bikram method.

Safe for all women in all 3 trimesters, the class is practiced in a non-heated environment and the postures are modified accordingly to assist with teach stage of pregnancy.
A nurturing class for mother and baby, it is specially designed to help mothers towards a healthy and less stressful birth process. Yoga practice during pregnancy creates a sense of well-being & helps prepare a mothers's body for the birth of her child.
Your doctor should be consulted to be sure you are in good health prior to participating in classes.

Please arrive 15 min early if it is your first class.

When:  Saturday's at 11am

Investment:  Classes are included in our regular prices

Teacher:  Lynda Roberts, Bikram Yoga Teacher, Pre-natal yoga teacher. 

Yogi Babies


Delvin Hua, Born 23rd Nov, 2015

I used the breathing & my labour went smoothly, the hospital staff couldn't believe it only took 5 minutes for me to deliver after I started pushing, Bikram Bravo!  I believe the yoga assisted in my healthy pregnancy & recovering after labor too. I hope more pregnant ladies can enjoy the benefits too - Krista Long

Henry Scott Williams, Born 27th Feb 2016

“Struggling to fall pregnant can be a huge emotional rollercoaster. BYL gave me strength and support through my journey. Maintaining my practice through my pregnancy gave me mindfulness to understand the changes to my body, it gave me a safe place to share my thoughts and be embraced by the BYL community. Breath, believe and receive” - Tracey Scott

Sam Rooney, born 25th Feb 2016

"I am a personal friend of Jacki & was so fortunate to have her attend the birth of my little man Sam.  I found the breathing techniques we learnt in the yoga class to be so beneficial during labour & her coaching kept me on track to be able to have my very first drug free birth.  I would recommend pregnancy yoga to anyone who is wanting to get their body and mind prepared for their big day" - Trish Norton

Lucy Harper, born 3rd March 2016

"I practiced yoga before I fell pregnant and continued throughout my pregnancy, I even practiced 5 days in a row and went into labour that evening. The yoga really helped with my anxiety, regaining my energy and without my yoga techniques going without pain relief would've been impossible. My yoga helped me with a very straight forward and very quick delivery. Yoga gave me so much energy, without my yoga there would be no way I would've worked on my own as a hairdresser running my own salon right up to just a week before giving birth. Thank you BYL for giving me so much energy. There would be no way I would've done it all without it" - Lauren Harper