About The Yoga


The Bikram Method is scientifically designed yoga therapy with the absolute beginner in mind. Postures were chosen from the original 84 classic Hatha Yoga postures that Bikram studied under his Guru Bishnu Ghosh. This original hot yoga is practiced in a room heated to 40 degrees, simulating the environment of their homeland, India. The heat facilitates joint movement, muscle elasticity and detoxification. Every posture prepares you for the next one, and every following posture gains from the previous one resulting in incredible benefits such as improved posture, toned internal organs, boosted energy and overall rejuvenation.


Fluid sequences are linked together with vinyasa flows, emphasis is placed on the synchronisation of breath and movement. Great for upper body strength and improving cardiovascular health. Teachers have studied under different lineages providing a changing class where sequences are creative and designed for all levels offering gentle alternatives and more dynamic challenges according to your needs.


Yin yoga is a relaxing floor based practice where postures are held for 3-5 min. The benefits are created with relaxation and time rather than effort, providing a deep release into the connective tissues and joints of the body with emphasis on the hips and the energetic pathways running through the body. This meditative class offers you the opportunity to slow down and encourages the release of emotional tension and stress.


A gentle and therapeutic posture sequence designed by Rajashree Choudhury from the original 26 Hatha yoga asana's in the Bikram method. This pregnancy yoga class is safe for all women in all 3 trimesters, the postures are modified accordingly to assist with teach stage of pregnancy. 

KIDS YOGA  Starts 22nd Aug 17

This 6-week journey will introduce the practice of yoga to children in a way that is playful and creative, helping them understand the connection between their body, mind and their environment. These kids yoga classes will encourage self expression, radical fun! and deliver skills that the children can use to channel emotions and cultivate self belief. Conveniently running alongside Vinyasa classes so parents have the option to practice yoga in the next room.

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