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The Bikram Method of 26+2 postures is scientifically designed yoga therapy with the absolute beginner in mind. The sequence is for everybody and our students range from 6 - 70+ years. Postures are chosen from the original 84 classic Hatha Yoga sequence that Bikram studied under his Guru Bishnu Ghosh. This original hot yoga is practiced in a room heated to 40 degrees, simulating the environment of their homeland, India. The heat facilitates joint movement, muscle elasticity and detoxification. Every posture prepares you for the next one, and every following posture gains from the previous one resulting in incredible benefits such as improved posture, toned internal organs, boosted energy and overall rejuvenation. 


Designed for beginners through to intermediate, teachers offer gentle alternatives or more dynamic challenges according to your needs.  Flowing sequences with emphasis is placed on the synchronisation of breath and movement. Great for upper body strength and improving cardiovascular health, sequences are creative and change from class to class. 


A relaxing floor based practice which involves long holds adapted to suit each individual body. Yin Yoga is a mix between traditional Chinese medicine and the Indian science of yoga. The benefits are created with relaxation and time rather than effort, providing a deep release into the connective tissues and joints with emphasis on the hips and the energetic pathways running through the body. This meditative class offers you the opportunity to slow down and encourages the release of emotional tension and stress.


A gentle and therapeutic posture sequence designed by Rajashree Choudhury from the original 26 Hatha yoga asana's in the Bikram method. This pregnancy yoga class is safe for all women in all 3 trimesters, the postures are modified accordingly to assist with teach stage of pregnancy. 

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KUNDALINI YOGA (4 week introduction immersion)

Saturdays March 10th - 31st.

This sacred and scientific technology works with our fears and sabotaging thoughts, releasing them, and allowing our full and true potential to develop and grow exponentially. Postures and Meditations are designed to work our Glandular System, Nervous System and the Mind. The combination of those energies come together in the brain in totality, and brings the body into optimal health and healing. It is an immediate Yoga because it works the mind first to affect changes in the body.

Teacher: Onkar Kaur 

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Esak Garcia is from Boulder, Colorado & has been practicing and teaching Bikram Yoga for nearly 25 years. Esak is a founding board-member of USA Yoga and the International Yoga Sports Federation, the creator of Jedi Fight Club, e84 Teacher Training Diploma Program (Advanced series of 84 postures the Bikram beginners method, 26&2 originates from).

This workshop focuses on technique for the Bikram beginner’s class and is appropriate for yoga lovers of all levels of experience.  It is an opportunity to feed your practice with information that will help you to get more from the time you spend in the hot room.

Workshop: 25th March, 11:30am - 2:30pm. Class: 3.00pm - 4:30pm. 

EARLY BIRD PRICE: $79 ($99 after March 15th)

Class: $39 (free for workshop participants).


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In the words of Leonard Cohen, 'there's a crack, a crack in everything, that's how the light gets in.' Yoga has shown me that despite my frailties there is a way forward. The Bikram Yoga Launceston Family have been a beacon of light for me. They have shown me how to heal myself in a completely non-judgemental environment. I am grateful for their wisdom, friendship and nourishment. I began my journey on the floor. As I progressed I used the back wall to support me. The teachers helped me modify moves to suit the demands of my body. Over time I have dramatically improved my balance, am more flexible, and most importantly am learning to still my mind. Yoga is a true blessing

- Sarah Shimmin